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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a compilation of frequently asked questions for the online Chinese medicine and acupuncture courses. Please do read through this before contacting us.

How do I purchase a course?
Go to, from the Home Page, click on "Courses/Login" at the top of the page and, from the Courses Page, select the course you want to take by clicking on the button "Sign up now".

How do I pay for a course?
Payment is done through Paypal. After clicking "Sign Up now", you will be taken to a Paypal page where you can make the payment. After payment at Paypal, you will be re-directed to the Course Registration page. You must setup a User ID and Password to access the course. Please make sure you write the password down as we do not have access to it. We can, however, reset it with a new password if you wish. You can also reset your password if you go to the Course Login, click "Forgot Password" and enter the email address you registered with. A new password will be sent to your email address.

In what currency are the prices of the courses?
All courses are priced in US dollars. A conversion to your currency can be done quickly and easily here. If you are not in the USA, Paypal will automatically make the conversion from your currency into US dollars.

Why do I have to complete the image verification challenge?
In the registration process there is an image verification challenge, i.e. you need to copy the words exactly as they are (case sensitive) and with spaces. This is done to avoid spammers "invading" the courses. If you are unsure about the letters click on the button with the circular arrows to refresh the image. Keep refreshing until you can recognize the letters you need to type in the box.

How long do I have access to the course for?
Uniquely among online courses, our courses do not expire and you can access them also after completing the test.

How do I get my CEUs?
In order to obtain CEUs or PDAs you need to pass the test with a minimum of 70% pass mark.

How do I take the test?
You take the test online by pressing the button "Take the exam now". Please note that the test answers cannot be saved while you are taking the test. So please make sure you complete the test in one go and that you print the test result that appears on the screen. After taking the test, you can go back through the questions, to see which ones you got right and which ones were wrong.

Please note:
The test must be taken within 6 months after starting the course. We will not be able to issue a certificate after that.

What does the test consist of?
The test is in the form of multiple-choice answers. The test questions will focus on the essential aspects of the course such as patterns and the formulae applicable to a pattern.

When will I get the certificate?
You will receive a certificate of completion that you can use for your CEUs. This will normally be sent within 48 hours of passing the test and, in the majority of cases, in less time than that. Please do not leave re-certification to the last minute and rely totally on our certificate as we cannot guarantee that you will receive the certificate within 48 hours.

How do I ensure proper credit for exam results?
- Page 1: Make sure to enter your Course Username, Course Registration Email Address and Licence Number.
- Page 2: Make sure to indicate the name exactly as you would like printed on your certificate.
- Page 3: Please indicate whether you are testing for a NCCAOM Professional Development Activity (PDA) Certificate.
- Results Page: Print out exam results for your records upon completion of the exam and submission of the results. Click the print icon in the upper left-hand part of the results page.

Why do I have to complete a worksheet?
This is not our rule but something required by the NCCAOM. You only need to complete a worksheet if you need PDAs from the NCCAOM: if you do not, then you do not need to complete the worksheet. The worksheet is not a test but simply a way to give us an idea whether you are ready for the test. After receiving the worksheet, we will review it and then ask you to take the test.

What is the Evaluation form?
It is a requirement of licensing bodies that you complete an Evaluation Form after completing the test. This is not a test but simply your evaluation of the course. Please note that this is required in order to obtain the CEUs or PDAs.

What email should I use?
Please do try and use the same email for registering for the course and for payments. If you use someone else's credit card for payment, Paypal will show their name rather than yours as the payer.

How can I get a receipt of payment?
After paying, you will get an email from Paypal with all the details and reason of payment.

Can I get a refund?
Our refund policy is stated here. If you are unable to take the course for an insurmountable technical problem, you will get a refund (this has happened once in five years!).

If there are any problems please do not contact Paypal or start a "dispute" with Paypal: contact us first so that we can solve the problem or arrange a refund.

Clearing the cache
Whenever we visit a website, this is stored in a "cache" which makes connecting to that site again faster. However, whenever changes are made to a website, we may need to clear the cache in order to see them. For example, if you have visited our site frequently, this will be in your "cache". If we made changes to the site, you may not see them as you would be connected not to the new site but to the one in your "cache". Therefore, occasionally, it may be necessary to clear your cache. Indeed, some people advise clearing the cache once a week.

Clearing the cache on a PC is done through the Control Panel as follows:
Start button
Control Panel
Network and Internet
Internet Options
Delete Browsing History and Cookies
Browsing History - Delete
Select "Temporary Internet Files" and "History" ONLY
Press "Delete"

On a Mac, here is how to clear the cache:
Open Safari and click on the "Safari" pull down menu at the top
Select "Empty Cache"
A dialog box will open and ask you "Are you sure you want to empty the cache?"
Click the "Empty" button.

Our presentations have audio and video. However, please note that not every single slide will necessarily have an audio/video comment. So, some slides will not have the video window, or perhaps have an image of Giovanni but without audio.

Printing slides
Slides can be printed. On a PC, use the "PrintScreen" key (this may also be "PrtScreen"). This key is a misnomer as it does not actually print the screen: it copies the screen. You can then paste this into a Word document. On a Mac, use the combination Command+Control+Shift+3: this take a screenshot of the entire screen, and saves it to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

Technical problems
We will try and help you with any technical problems you might have but please do note that there is a limit to what we can do. In our experience, when there is a technical problem, this is practically always due to a problem (or conflict) on the user's computer and, without being there, we cannot know what is causing it. For example, if an user reports that there is no audio, the first thing we would do is to log on to the course as if we were a user and check that every single slide has sound. If that is the case, there must be a "local" problem that we may not always be able to advise about.

Reporting technical problems
If you wish to report a problem please make sure you give name, email used for registration, COURSE NAME, whether you are using a PC or a Mac, operating system and browser used.

Diploma from the courses
We are sometimes asked if our courses confer a "diploma" or a "qualification" in Chinese medicine. They do not. They are post-graduate courses which confer CEUs and PDAs but not a "diploma", "qualification" or "degree".

California CEUs
Please note that only up to 50% of the continuing education requirement may be completed through distance education (online courses, correspondence courses, etc.). In addition, no more than five (5) hours of continuing education may be earned from courses in Category 2. Our courses pertain to Category 1. Each acupuncturist is required to retain records of all continuing education courses attended for a minimum of four (4) years.