Wen Bing in Chinese Medicine - Course

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This free Chinese Medicine audio course discusses the theory of Wen Bing (a type of Wind-Heat) disease which was developed in the Qing dynasty. The Wen Bing theory provides the most comprehensive and rational tools for the diagnosis, differentiation and treatment of disease caused by external Wind, i.e. bacterial or viral infections such as upper respiratory infections, common cold, influenza, measles, German measles, bronchitis, mononucleosis, meningitis, etc.

The course will present a detailed discussion of the pathology, diagnosis, differentiation and treatment of Wen Bing - Wind-Heat disease with both acupuncture and herbal medicine.

The lecturer has made a particular study of the diagnosis and treatment of these disease for many years and the lecture will reflect this in concentrating on the concrete clinical application of the principles of the Wen Bing school to modern patients and contemporary disease.

  1. Characteristics of Wen Bing disease in Chinese medicine
  2. Diagnosis in Wen Bing disease
  3. Differentiation according to the 4 levels
  4. The tongue in 4 levels
  5. Comparison between macules, papules and vesicles
  6. Prescriptions for Wen Bing - type disease

This audio-only presentation is from a recent lecture given by Giovanni.

  • This is an un-edited recording preserving the spontaneity and improvisation of a live lecture environment.
  • Paid courses include an extensive visual presentation and a certification exam.