The Practice of Chinese Medicine: The Treatment of Diseases with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

ISBN: 9780702079207     Publisher: Elsevier

giovanni_maciocia_practice_third_editionThe Practice of Chinese Medicine, 3rd edition describes the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory to the diagnosis and treatment of 48 diseases, conditions, and disorders, including common, chronic and acute conditions that clinicians may see in their practice. A new full-color design brings the text to life, and reorganization of content make navigation easier. Case studies offer realistic insights and illustrate the range of diagnosis and treatment choices the practitioner can make. New Clinical Tips provide practitioners additional content and images in order to diagnose and treat diseases.

This text brings a wealth of insight in applying TCM in a Western context, and supports all clinicians whatever their own range of experience.

About the Author

Giovanni Maciocia was one of the best known and most highly respected practitioners and teachers in the West. He was an Honorary Professor at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing. An august group of editors who were close to Giovanni, and who practice “the Maciocia way,” were selected to revise the third edition.

New Features
  1. UNIQUE! Clinical Tips have been added to several chapters to enrich existing content with additional details and diagrams.
  2. New discussion on sexuality in Chinese medicine.
  3. Updated Clinical Trials and references.
  4. Updated Western differential diagnosis sections.
  5. Additional tongue photos aid in diagnosing diseases, based on Chinese medicine protocols.
  6. UNIQUE! Add Red Flags feature that lists symptoms that may necessitate a referral to a Western physician.
  • Updated images
  • Full color
  • Reorganization of material for easier access

Key Features Retained
  1. Diagnosis and treatment of 48 common diseases, conditions, and disorders using Traditional Chinese Medicine are covered in detail.
  2. Each disease, condition or disorder includes a discussion of etiology, pathology, and differential diagnoses, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  3. Treatments include acupuncture and herbs, with explanations of choices.
  4. UNIQUE! Summaries of Western differential diagnoses provide alternative treatment options.
  5. Reviews of clinical trials and modern Chinese literature report the experience of famous modern doctors of Chinese medicine.
  • Appendices include Identification of Patterns according to the Six Stages, the Four Levels, and the Three Burners; Prescriptions, Acupuncture Points for Mental-Emotional Problems, and Suggested Substitutions of Chinese Herbs.
  • An English-Pinyin Glossary of Chinese Terms is included.