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Online Continuing Education

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Welcome to Giovanni Maciocia’s online courses on Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

All courses are registered to provide CEUs:
California Acupuncture Board (Category 1)
NCCAOM (Category AOM-Bio)
Florida Acupuncture Board* ("General" Category)

The courses are also approved by the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists (NZRA) and New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority (NZASA) for the purpose of CPD.

After passing the test, you will receive a certificate for your CEUs.

The emphasis of all online courses will be on the clinical application of Chinese medicine. Courses are aimed at providing high-quality online tuition for practitioners and students of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

The Maciocia Online courses are much more than a convenient and cost-effective way of getting CEUs. They are very substantial courses based on a wealth of knowledge and long clinical experience which will enhance your therapeutic results. An added feature of the courses is that they do not have a time limit so that participants can refer to them whenever they like after taking the test and gaining CEUs.

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The Pathology and Treatment of Phlegm (NEW)
Treatment of Asthma (NEW)
Pathology of Cancer and Cancer Support (NEW)
Treatment of Bipolar Disorder (NEW)
Treatment of Depression (NEW)
Yin-Yang Qiao, Yin-Yang Wei, Dai Mai (NEW)
Treatment of Du, Ren And Chong Mai (NEW)
Pathology and Treatment of Heat
Treatment of Anxiety and Insomnia
Tongue Diagnosis
Gynaecology 1 - Physiology
Gynaecology 2 - Pathology
Male Disorders
Treatment of Children
Geriatrics in Chinese Medicine
Treatment of Common Clinical Conditions
Treatment of Thyroid Problems
Gynaecology: Three Diseases
Enhancing Fertility
Treatment of Shen Disturbances
Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases
Treatment of Menopausal Problems
Treatment of Digestive Problems
The Eight Extraordinary Vessels

Plus: GUI, Wen Bing, Shen & Hun and Bipolar Disease - FREE Audio Lectures

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Giovanni Maciocia

With over 39-years of research and clinical experience, Giovanni Maciocia has written six textbooks of Chinese medicine which have been acclaimed world-wide and translated into nine languages.

Because Giovanni reads Chinese, he has unique access to both old as well as modern Chinese medicine textbooks. While firmly rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, he innovatively adapts Eastern theories to Western conditions.

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